Is marketing a good career? My answer revealed…

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Is marketing a good career bookIn my latest book, I wanted to answer this question: Is marketing a good career? Is it a stable career? And many of the questions in-between.

Why this book?

Making the right career choice can be hard enough as it is. What do we like to do, what are we good at, and what career is fulfilling and pays the bills?

While I can’t answer those questions for all careers, let’s talk about marketing. What’s good about marketing? How do you decide if it’s for you?  Is marketing a promising career and how does marketing work? 

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Which version of my marketing book is best for you?

Each version has advantages and disadvantages, so let me share my thoughts here so you can pick the right one.

The paperback is great when you want to use the exercises within the book and want to use the provided space to brainstorm and reflect.

The Kindle version is great for space reasons as you don’t have to carry a physical book. It’s certainly harder to do the written exercises on the Kindle version, but you could use a piece of paper or the notes section on your device.

The hardcover is perhaps a bit more of a collector item. Consider getting that when you hear me speak at a conference and stopping by afterward to get it signed.

The audiobook is best if you like to listen to books and can comprehend them as I’m reading the content to you. Definitely a good option if you’re listening to books while traveling or commuting.

About the author

Christoph Trappe is the best-selling author of “Going Live.” He’s a globally recognized content marketing leader. This is his latest book to help with your marketing career choices.


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I’m not a fan of being interrupted by marketers. I can’t stand television commercials or being forced to watch 25 minutes of previews before being able to watch the movie I came to the theater to watch.

Having said that, I am a big fan of being exposed to solutions, value, and building relationships.

When smart marketing experts deliver their message in a way that helps and adds value, I’m all ears. In fact, they earn my respect, interest, and sometimes, my money.

Christoph’s book shows you what it takes to be the smart marketing expert I mentioned above. Get the book and learn everything you need to know to answer the question, “Is Marketing a Good Career?”


Mat Zucker via Goodreads

Christoph Trappe provides a friendly, smart read on what it means to be a modern marketer and how to explore if that should be you. Hitting on key foundational marketing topics including brand equity and emerging areas such as influencer marketing, you’ll quickly get a taste; if you love what you read about, maybe marketing really is for you. If it doesn’t touch your soul or pique your interest, then you’ve probably saved yourself a journey.


Christina Del Villar via Amazon

This is a great resource for those who are considering a marketing career, those who are looking at specializing in one of the many areas of marketing, anyone in marketing trying to better understand how they can plan their career trajectory and more.

Not only does Christoph explain the various roles and skills needed, but he also has some great tools to help you evaluate where you are and where you want to be.

But he doesn’t stop there. He then looks at how you can be successful in these roles.

Short, easy to consume and direct, this book can really help prospective marketers choose the best role, and company, for them.

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