Advice to new employees on marketing teams

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Many give advice to new employees – including mentors, during official onboarding and even current or past co-workers. So as you embark on your first job in your marketing career, consider a few ideas.

This article covers some common and useful advice to new employees, including:

Understanding the current state

Teams evolve when new coworkers arrive and leave, but it’s usually good to understand the current state, which can include understanding the:

  • roles
  • workflows
  • personalities
  • interdependencies

It doesn’t make any different whether the status quo is good, bad or neutral. What matters is to understand the current lay of the land.

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Clarity on own role

Understanding your own role is essential. What part do you play in the bigger picture? Why were you hired and how can you reinforce that you were a good hire? A way to accomplish that is to find your spot on the team and use your skills. The skills the team hired you for – in a productive matter.

Certainly, a fit in the culture and team cohesion matter as well, so try to meet and understand your coworkers as humans as well.

Is marketing a good career shirt

Finding quick wins

Many times, you can find quick wins in a new role. That could be in the form of fresh idea on a recurring project, a recommendation for a workflow update and even consideration to use new channels to connect with the audience.

Timing matters and you likely don’t want to bring up too many wild ideas before understanding what is currently being done and why. And sometimes it’s about phrasing.

Don’t say “we should do <insert idea>.”

But consider, “have we tried something like <insert idea>.”

And just because something has been tried before doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be tried again – especially when that implementation happened a while ago.

You could always follow up with, “why didn’t it work?” I’ve seen plenty of good ideas “fail” initially because the timing wasn’t right.

Bringing new ideas to the table is often valued so even if not all are implemented it can still show a new employee’s thought process and initiative.

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Integrate quickly, get things done and contribute quickly.

Final thoughts

The goal with a new role on a marketing team is to determine if it’s a good fit for all involved. Is the new hire bringing the right skills, and do they add to building a rounded team?

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