Find the Perfect Work From Home Couch Desk for Maximum Comfort

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Sometimes, it just makes sense to work from the home couch. But how can we be comfortable as much as possible while getting the work done? That could include using a work from home couch desk, or even a laptop stand. When I work from the sofa, I also prefer to have a small side table that also slides underneath the couch and where I store my drinks. Another option to store drinks is a sofa tray, which takes up less space than the table. I also like wearing comfortable shoes – even at home.

Slider table for your couch to store your drinks while working

Which couch desk works best for you depends on your couch setup. And there certainly are plenty of options for couches out there.  But no matter what your exact setup, working from the couch likely means that you’re lying or are slightly reclined while working.

So you would want a desk that elevates your laptop or iPad. So, let’s look at some of the options.

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The different options for your work from couch setup

One of my favorite options for a laptop stand is the one that you can slide underneath the couch, and then the laptop is just a bit up from your lap. This particular one even has a cupholder and place for the mouse as well.

Laptop stand that slides underneath the couch

A version of this that works well if you like to stand at times is a height-adjustable mobile workstation.

height-adjustable mobile work station

Another type of laptop stand is closer to a work-from-home couch desk because it just sits on your lap while you’re sitting on the couch. This one is also compact, but the biggest negative is that it’s sitting relatively low.

Work from home couch desk for lap I do like that it has an extra holder for your smartphone.

This Rossie Home desk is another option.

couch desk rossie home

If you want a lap desk with different angles for your laptop, and the mouse, this is a good option. Personally, I find typing at that angle difficult, but you could also voice dictate anything that has to be written out.

Lap desk for the couch
A tray table – even with storage drawers – is another option. These remind me of the eat dinner in front of the TV trays but these are larger. For me these ones wouldn’t work because of the space of where I normally sit on my L-shaped couch, which is similar to this layout.

Laptop tray table

A portable desk that rolls in front of your couch is another option. This takes up a little bit more space so that’s something to keep in mind for storage purposes.

Portable desk for in front of your couch

If you prefer an L-shaped desk, that’s also an option. Even with wheels so you can move it away from your couch when you’re not working.

L-shaped desk for your couchWrap

In general, I prefer to work from my home office, but there could be scenarios where you might prefer working from the couch. And there is cases when I work from the couch. In fact, I’m voice-dictating this article while sitting on my own couch.

So these are some products to make your experience working from the couch more comfortable and enjoyable.

Home office set up

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