Podcast setup: Should I sit or stand?

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Part of your podcast setup should include the consideration on how you’ll be positioned. Are you going to sit or stand during the show? I’ve done both and certainly see advantages and disadvantages to each setup.

For reference, here’s how my current setup looks, first sitting down, and then standing up.

podcast setup standing up

Since my podcasts are also livestreamed with video on there’s a real difference between the framing between the two versions of my podcast setup.

Here’s an example of a video of me sitting:

And then standing:

So there’s a difference from that perspective as well. If you don’t do a video version of your show, no need to worry about this though.

But let’s dive into the pros and cons some more. I asked some podcasting experts for their take.

Podcast setup: Sitting down

Jodi Krangle

Podcaster Jodi Krangle uses a knee chair while recording her podcast and doing voiceover work. On camera you can’t even see the chair. She says she prefers to sit because it’s more comfortable than standing for an hour-long interview.

“It’s down to how you’re most comfortable,” she said. “Be comfortable.”

Podcaster Max Branstetter agrees.

“You should record a podcast however you’re most comfortable,” he said. “I prefer sitting as it allows me to relax, update my notes, and not worry about mic placement as much (a boom arm helps a ton). If I’m standing, I find myself moving around more.”

Jeff Koslofsky, who livestreams the K-Stream Show, said he prefers to sit.

“I think that’s just because that’s how I’m most comfortable talking to people. Plus, I’m naturally fidgety, and sitting in a non-swivel chair helps me be still,” he said. “I’ve tried recording podcasts standing before, and depending on how long the show is, that can start to get really uncomfortable. After I while, I found myself constantly adjusting, my back started to hurt. I’m actually considering getting rid of my standing desk because I hardly use it anymore.”

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Podcast setup: Standing

Max said that “standing can be very energizing and give your voice some more excitement. So if you’re someone that prefers a standing desk, no harm in a standing podcast.”

Podcaster and livestreamer Jim Fuhs says he prefers standing over sitting.

Jim Fuhs
Jim Fuhs

“As a speaker I have learned that you get more energy by standing and you also allow your diaphragm to expand and contract properly,” Jim said. “You also get better blood flow when standing and as I like to think, I think better on my feet.”

Personally, I also find myself more alert when standing during a podcast. Standing just gives me a bit more of energy to pay attention.

“I stand 100 percent of the time now,” said podcast host Jason Knight. “I used to sit but I find my delivery and general performance is far better if I have the ability to move around. Hunching over the mic is not a good recipe for success!”

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It depends

For podcaster and livestreamer Chris Stone his podcast setup depends the time of day.

“I prefer to alternate sitting and standing throughout the work day, which means depending on the time of day – I could be sitting or standing during a podcast or livestream,” he said. “In both locations where I do virtual presentations  I have a desk that I can easily move up or down. I’ve found that while standing mostly is a good thing while working for posture, energy and many different health-related reasons – I actually needed to vary my position for focus on different tasks. I’ve found that if I just need to have a different energy level for a podcast, I prefer standing.”

How to decide

Afterall, it does come down to personal preference. What works for you? If you are not comfortable standing, that’s not the way to go. If standing gives you more energy and you like to and can handle standing for an entire episode, go for it.

I generally sit during my episodes and stand throughout the rest of the day when it makes sense.

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