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Many companies are now launching podcasts. It can be a good strategy – especially when you have something to say and it’s part of an overarching strategy. But, building an audience can be a challenge. Podcast live streaming can help here. And in “Going Live” I share how to live stream a podcast to jumpstart results. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to consider live podcasting – a strategy that’s easier than ever. This book shares how you can make it all work.

My book “Going Live” covers how any brand can make livestreaming part of their content strategy and integrate it into Create Once, Publish Everywhere. I discuss:

  • Why and how live streaming can give your brand a competitive advantage
  • How to show your brand’s authenticity and humanness
  • Strategies
  • Technologies
  • Channels
  • How to repurpose the content perfectly
  • Virtual reality
  • Integration with virtual conferences
  • And more…

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The book was listed as the No. 2 new release (public relations) on Amazon.


Ross Brand

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2021

As someone who has long advocated podcasters live stream their podcast recordings to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn, and use clips from that video recording to promote the podcast in snackable video posts across social media, including on Instagram, I’m thrilled to see that experienced content marketer and highly-ranked podcaster Christoph Trappe has taken up the cause in this book. “Going Live” provides a step-by-step game plan for any podcaster to learn how to live stream their podcast and take advantage of the many benefits live video adds to their online outreach. Go live and see your podcast grow and even monetize with the tips included in this book.
Brett Williams

Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2021

Podcast appearances

According to Fred Career Insights with Professor Tirado    Podcasting secrets Do the thing with Christoph Trappe
Want me to be a guest on your podcast to discuss Going Live? Drop me a note here.

Conference talks

Quoted in

I’m open to speaking at your conference about this topic as well. Virtually or on-site. Drop me a note here and we can discuss the specifics. This session is one option:

How brands can integrate podcasts and livestreaming to drive content success

Many brands across B2B, B2C, and D2C are getting into the podcasting game. It makes sense. Podcasts are yet another way to get in front of your audiences and build an authentic connection.

Podcasting can also help with SEO. But as often is the case, there are ways to maximize your podcast content even further. That includes writing blog post content from it, but the latest is to livestream your show to multiple channels for even more exposure.

It depends on the brand and industry what channels work the best, and we’ll discuss the pros and cons for:

This session will share how to integrate these new channels into your overall strategy to truly throw your content a parade and drive as many results as possible with a good Return on Effort.

Experts mentioned

The book includes quotes, mentions, and examples from experts like:

Thanks to Mary Sharp for editing the book.

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