How and when to upload multiple photos or videos into one Instagram post 

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Instagram in February 2017 rolled out a new feature that allows users and brand marketers to now upload more than one photo or video into a post. A total of 10 media assets are possible per single post. 

Please don’t use this functionality to add 10 lame stock art images, but there are some uses that could be useful for the viewer and the brand marketer. 

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A couple ideas on when to use it:

I tried this new functionality right away and it’s relatively intuitive to set up. Make sure the photos were shot in the perfect Instagram square because the adjusting and zooming out function doesn’t work too here, based on when I tried it.
How to add multiple photos to one Instagram post

Take the photos with your phone’s native camera or another app that allows saving to the camera roll, outside Instagram, to make this function work. 

Start your post as usual and navigate over to the LIBRARY. 

Instagram multiple photos Click on SELECT MULTIPLE to get the option to select more images and determine the order:

Instagram multiple photos

Click next and pick a filter or disregard that option:

Instagram multiple photos Then go ahead and publish it. 

Users will know by the dots at the bottom that they can swipe over to more photos. At least in theory. I did notice them right away on somebody else’s post. 

Instagram multiple photos It’s a nice new feature that can help brand marketers tell better stories in a more succinct way. Images or video for that one story wil be in one post as opposed to multiple ones or only on Instagram Stories, which auto delete after 24 hours. 

Bonus tip: As of late February 2017, these posts cannot be promoted.

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