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Content strategy is a term used to describe an initiative or program that uses stories, messaging or other tidbits of information to share an organization’s, person’s, business’ or community’s story with the public and interested audiences.

Often it includes:

  • Goals: What are we trying to accomplish? Share our organization’s story, for example.
  • Techniques: At our monthly meeting we will work on an editorial calendar so we can publish at least one weekly blog post that is then repurposed for our major social networks.
  • Metrics. How do we know we are succeeding?
  • Workflows: Who does what and who is the ultimate decision maker?

How detailed a strategy has to be and other related items can vary from industry to industry. It’s not a completely new concept. Many traditional advertising campaigns could be relabeled as content strategies even. The term is more widely used in the 2010s to related to marketing and communications related to the Internet.

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