How to do live Q&A sessions on Instagram

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Engagement is a buzzword in digital marketing certainly. We want people to talk with us!

Yes, please! Though many brands don’t have much to talk about. And why would I want to chat at length with my toilet paper brand – for example – on Twitter.

Charmin – the toilet paper brand – does have a fun voice on Twitter though.

Anyways and nonetheless…

Instagram Stories has two ways you can answer audience questions.

Q&A on Instagram Live

I saw Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do this first.

Her live session looked like this in my notifications:

Then during the stream she can highlight questions asked:

That’s kind of cool and drowns out the constant stream of background comments and snarky remarks.

To start your own session, start a new Instagram Story. Then click over to LIVE.

Then click the question mark in the box.

Then go live.

Seems easy enough until you have no questions being asked.

Getting engagement beyond people reading is harder than ever. Something to keep in mind.

While AOC has questions and it appears plenty, she’s also has a big public profile and 7,000 are turning in.

Q&A on other Instagram Stories

You can also offer questions being answered on non-live Stories.

Just use this item from the animation area:

This way isn’t live but the approved questions and posted answers will stay up for 24 hours and can also be featured in the highlights area.

Two ways to engage with your audiences on Instagram for your digital marketing toolkit. Just remember that you’ll have to have a decent number of people tuning in to get questions. And even then some will likely be off topic.

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