AI for CMOs: What marketing leaders must know

Shawn Goodin and team published the AI Playbook for CMOs, and he’s joining me on Episode 651 of “The Business Storytelling Show” to discuss the topic.

ChatGPT and other AI tools are changing marketing fast. How can top marketers use them to be more creative and grow their businesses?

With over 20 years driving digital change, Shawn shares hands-on tips for CMOs on hot topics, including:

  • How to maximize AI use to drive performance.
  • What risks come with AI and how do you manage them?
  • What does responsible and effective AI integration look like?
  • How can CMOs get their teams ready for an AI future (and present)?

Shawn lays out practical ideas on the tech, strategies, and leadership abilities CMOs need to spark innovation and wow customers with AI’s help. This is a must-listen/watch for any top marketer wanting to boost creativity and success with the power of AI.

Join us.

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