Best Gifts for Podcast Lovers Who Can’t Stop Listening

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Many listen to podcasts and other audio content now, like audiobooks, so what are some gifts for podcaster lovers in your life? In this article, I share some ideas as you are shopping for the audio content fans near and dear to your heart.

AirPod ProsHeadphones

A great pair of headphones is one of the best gifts you can give a podcast lover. With high-quality audio drivers, noise cancellation, and comfortable over-ear cups, headphones let listeners fully immerse themselves in their favorite shows. And now, with spatial audio, the experience is getting even better.

I like my AirPod Pros to listen to audio content, but certainly, there are plenty of other options to consider as well.

Sound Bars

Upgrade their listening experience at home with a sound bar. Far superior to relying just on the built-in computer or device speakers, a sound bar provides surround sound quality that makes podcasts more engaging. I currently use the Bestisan soundbar to listen to podcasts and music in my office.

Bestisan soundbar



An iPhone is an ideal gift for podcast lovers who want a seamless listening experience. The Apple Podcasts app makes it easy to discover new shows, and the iOS integration allows podcast playback even when the app is closed. Spotify also works great.

Apple Podcast app

Spotify Premium

For podcast listeners who prefer Spotify, give the gift of Spotify Premium. Ad-free listening is a game changer, allowing uninterrupted enjoyment of podcast episodes. Downloading for offline and background playback are also hugely valuable features.

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Podcast Subscription

For devoted podcast fans, give them full access by gifting a subscription to a premium podcast. Find out what their favorite podcasts are and see if they require subscriptions to get started. Some podcast creators offer extras like ad-free episodes, back catalogs, and exclusive content to subscribed supporters.

Merch from Favorite Podcaster

Show your love for their favorite podcast by gifting merch from the show’s online store. From apparel like t-shirts and hoodies to mugs, stickers, and other accessories, branded merch lets fans proudly display their support. It also helps support podcasters in return. Find out which show is their current obsession and order shirts or hats featuring the logo and artwork. Or get a customized item like an engraved flask or bike bottle with the podcast name on it for a unique gift.

I previously offered merch for “The Business Storytelling Show,” and creators that do that usually have a link to their store on their show page and within episodes.

Video message from the creator

If your podcast lover is a fan of a specific host, message that host and see if they would record a short message to the fan. Revealing that as their gift can certainly be special – if the host responds.

So there certainly are options for gifts for podcast lovers.

What did I miss? Leave me a message, and I might include your answer on an upcoming episode of my podcast and include your recommendation here.

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