Churning Out Copy: Do you have to enjoy writing as a content creator?

Writing is an integral part of content creation. From blog posts to social media captions to whitepapers and beyond, writing powers content marketing. But do you have to enjoy writing to do it well as a content creator? Or can you grit your teeth and power through projects even if you don’t like writing?

I spoke with several professional content creators to get their thoughts on whether enjoying writing is necessary or helpful.

The Case for Enjoying Writing

rosanna campbell
Rosanna Campbell

Many of the content creators I interviewed felt that an affinity for writing can elevate the quality of your work. As Rosanna Campbell explained:

“I think you have to enjoy writing to be a good content creator – but not too much. You need to enjoy it enough to have the patience to find the right way to put things, choose just the right phrase to engage your readers, or polish up a blog post for hours to make it skimmable and compelling.”

Enjoying the writing process makes it easier to devote the time and attention needed to craft engaging content. It provides the motivation to keep refining a piece until every word sings. As R’becca Groff put it:

“Personally, I do think a person will put out better, and more effective, writing if they enjoy the process – if they enjoy where that process takes them personally. I believe people can tell when the writing has come from a person’s true center.”

Passion for writing can infuse content with authenticity and heart, connecting more deeply with the audience. If you don’t enjoy writing, it’s harder to tap into that emotional core.

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Writing Skills Can Be Learned

Todd Jones
Todd Jones

However, the content creators I interviewed also acknowledged that writing prowess can be developed, even if you don’t innately love writing. As  Todd Jones noted:

“I think you can write about something you don’t know a lot about or don’t have passion for. It takes interviewing experts and trying to understand the topic. Journalists do it all the time. So, it can be done.”

With diligence and practice, anyone can strengthen their writing abilities. Desire and skill don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Chelsea Alves expanded on this perspective:

“I would say that to be a good content creator often goes hand in hand with having a passion for writing. When you enjoy what you’re doing, regardless of profession, it is often evidenced and showcased in your quality of work. The most enjoyable part of writing for me is being able to share my thoughts and opinions in my own distinct voice.”

While innate passion can elevate your writing, you can develop your skills through commitment and effort. With time, you may even grow to enjoy writing more through mastery of the craft.

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Content Creation Isn’t Just Writing

Angela Myers
Angela Myers

Furthermore, content creation today involves much more than writing. As Angela Myers explained:

“To be a good content creator and blogger, you have to enjoy three fundamental practices of writing, thinking, and reading. For any form of content creation, thinking and studying the work of others is key. There are many outlets content creation can take beyond writing (video, photography, shorter messages, etc.).”

An affinity for writing is helpful, especially as the written word remains a core content medium. But excellent content takes many multimedia forms. If you prefer creating videos or designing visual assets, you can lean into those skills while bringing in writers for long-form projects.

Focus on Connecting With the Audience

Kelli Sanders
Kelli Sanders

Ultimately, content creation is about making connections and sparking action. As Kelli Sanders put it:

“In my opinion, creators have a desire to make emotional connections with people—a drive to authentically motivate—that’s the root of their passion. The story makes that connection happen. So, in my view, a good content creator doesn’t necessarily need to enjoy writing as much as they need to recognize and respect the strategic role writing plays. If words fall flat the audience connection will, too.”

Whatever format your content takes, it should aim to forge and deepen bonds with your audience. That’s what matters most.

Enjoy the Creative Process, Not Just Writing

Rather than an innate love of writing itself, passion for the creative process in general is perhaps more important for content creators. Ashley Cummings captured this sentiment:

“I think you have to fundamentally enjoy writing to be a good content creator, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it all of the time. Writing is very creatively and cognitively demanding. If you don’t like the process, you won’t stick with it. That said, don’t get discouraged if writing is a drag sometimes. It’s part of the process. Good writers have to learn how to manage burnout and carve out time for creativity.”

There will always be ups and downs. Difficult projects. Writer’s block. Self-doubt. But at its core, content creation is a creative endeavor. If you don’t fundamentally enjoy the creative process, it will be difficult to sustain a content creation career.

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Do the Best With What You Have

Overall, most of the content creators I interviewed felt that an innate enjoyment of writing can elevate the quality of your work. Passion makes it easier to devote the necessary time and unlocked your creative spirit.

However, it’s also possible to develop strong writing abilities through practice and effort. And in today’s multimedia content landscape, excellent content takes many forms beyond the written word.

Ultimately, it’s about making connections and sparking action with your audience. Lean into your innate skills and strengths, while developing abilities in areas where you may be weaker. Play to your passions, but don’t be afraid to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

No content creator loves every piece they have to write. Inspiration ebbs and flows. But if you can find enjoyment in some aspect of the process – whether it’s research, writing, editing, designing, strategizing, or creating in whatever medium you choose – you can channel that passion into content that truly resonates.

What matters most is not your innate love of writing, but your commitment to keep creating, improving, and connecting with your readers. Meet each challenge with your best effort and keep growing. With practice, persistence and a little passion, you can succeed and thrive as a content creator, wherever the journey takes you.

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