Do smart TVs have YouTube?

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Do smart TVs have YouTube? Which YouTube? There are now several versions of YouTube that each have their own apps:

Regardless, with the wide variety of smart TVs out there and the exploding streaming services landscape, it’s important to buy a smart TV that allows you to watch what you want to watch.

In general, most smart TVs now have App Stores – just like the iPhone – so YouTube and YouTube TV all should be in there.  Many smart TVs display a default set of services on the home screen that launches when the TV is turned on.

My TV’s home screen by default had:

  • YouTube
  • Apple
  • Hulu
  • and a few others.

It didn’t have YouTube TV, Peaock or MLB TV. I had to add them from the App Store for free.

If you want to doublecheck before purchasing, go to the product description and/or specification. There, it often says what apps are included. Here’s an example.

Smart TV with YouTube

Then find the description – in this case it lists YouTube:

YouTube on a smart tv check

In short, do smart TVs have YouTube? They should, but make sure. You never know who might end up selling one without all those apps.

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