8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Marketers (with pictures)

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Wearing some kind of Halloween costume – especially when several people on a team do it – can be fun and figuring out what to wear can get the creative juices flowing. With that, here are some ideas for Halloween costumes for marketers.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse is a bit of the rage in 2022 and why not turn the headline-grabbing topic into a Halloween costume? There are several ways to go as the Metaverse – which is basically a virtual reality environment. Here’s one.

Wear this “I’m prettier in the Metaverse” shirt (available in 10 colors).

metaverse halloween costume

Then wear a cheap VR headset on your head, like this one. To see you’ll have to wear it over your eyes, though!

VR headset for Halloween costume




Here’s an idea for a homemade ghostwriter Halloween costume.

Alternatively, you can also buy a ghost costume on Amazon – often for under $20.

White hat SEO

To go as a white hat SEO. just buy a white hat on Amazon for under $10 and wear a white T-shirt.


Going as a hashtag is relatively easy as Amazon also sells hashtag costumes.

Audience development

Converting unknown audiences into known connections helps us deepen that relationship. Why not go as audience development? Easy breezy self-made costume:

Buy those “Hello my name is” name tags on Amazon.

I then asked my kids to write names on them:

name tags for halloween costume for marketers

Then put empty ones on the front of a shirt. That’s the unknown audience:

empty name tags for halloween costume

Then, of course, we convert those unknown people to known audience members. Now we know their names and the known audience is on the back of the shirt.

known audience member for costume

Display ad

You could create a poster that looks like a display ad and wear the poster around your neck. Here’s my attempt at this costume.

My original idea was to cut out the face and then I could stick my actual face through there to really go as a display ad. As you can see by the picture, the poster was way too big, but it’s an idea.

A/B testing

A/B testing certainly is a useful strategy for marketers and why not recognize it on Halloween. This is a costume I had custom-printed.

AB testing costumeThe Brand Police

Every company has somebody who is in charge of the brand – a.k.a. the brand police. That also could make a good costume. The below is custom-made, but you can also order police uniform costumes on Amazon as another option.

halloween costumes for marketers: brand police

Those are some ideas for Halloween costumes for marketers and I would say most – if not all of them – can be used in an office environment and in a remote setting.

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