How to fix unreadable blog post titles in WordPress

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When you log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to posts, and the titles of the post are not readable that’s quite frustrating. But how do you fix it?

Here’s how that looks and as you can see, the titles are not readable, which makes it hard to know what to click on.

Unreadable blog titles in WordPress

At first, I thought this was because I was making my window too small, but making the window bigger didn’t do the trick. And then I also noticed the same issue on my iPad.

I couldn’t figure it out and finally stumbled across how to fix it. This unreadability of the article names happens because WordPress is adjusting all the content it’s trying to fit into that area. And what content is displayed in that area depends on whatever you have checked under screen options. The more stuff checked the more stuff WordPress is trying to fit in there.

Updating screen options

The screen options drop down can be found on the top of the page. Once you click on it, you can see what has been checked to show.

Screen options in WordPress dashboard

There is certainly some things that you can show that aren’t relevant. For example, my blog doesn’t even have comments. The SEO title and other similar information is also not that relevant on this screen. Start unchecking boxes and stop when it looks readable.

After all, I go to the screen to find articles and not to review their content. The inbound and outbound links are kind of helpful so I’d like to keep them. So is the key phrase I’m trying to rank for. But if that key phrase was making the title unreadable, I would uncheck that as well.

So that’s how you fix the unreadability of blog post titles in WordPress. It’s an easy fix, but maybe not an obvious one.

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