How to get your book featured on Amazon Prime Reading

As the author of a three-book marketing series, I’m always looking for ways to get my books (and with that content and expertise) in front of more people. So I was delighted to see that I can now nominate my books to be featured in Amazon Prime Reading.

If you’ve self-published your book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing you can follow this same process as well and I will share here how.

What is Amazon Prime Reading?

This offering is a rotation of books that is available for Prime members on Amazon. In essence, they borrow books that they want to read.

Most books tend to be fiction books from what I’ve seen. But there’s also a nonfiction section for those of us with business books.

nonfiction books in Amazon Prime Reading

With the click of a button, you can borrow the book instantly. You can’t borrow an unlimited number of Kindle books but simply return other books before grabbing the next one.

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Nominating a book

To throw your book’s name into consideration for the program, simply go to “Marketing” in your KDP dashboard, then scroll all the way down until you get to this area:

Nominating your book for Amazon Prime Reading

Then nominate your book. That certainly doesn’t mean it will be accepted, but if you don’t nominate it it won’t be accepted for sure.

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Is Amazon Prime Reading worth it for authors?

As always, I’m a fan of testing and this falls into that category. It can certainly be a great way (if accepted) to get your book in front of more people. So if your book is an extension of your marketing strategy, this can certainly help. If nothing else, it’s worth trying once.

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