Twitter follower deleter: How to remove Twitter followers

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At times, you might feel the need to remove Twitter followers. And there are three ways of doing that. Let me show you the ways of using a Twitter follower deleter.

1 – Remove Twitter followers in bulk

You can remove Twitter followers in bulk through Circleboom Twitter. You can mass remove your multiple followers on Twitter with one click by using Circleboom. You can detect your fake, inactive, bot followers easily and remove them quickly. Cleaning your Twitter account will be helpful for you to level your Twitter experience up.

Here are the necessary steps to use Circleboom for removing your Twitter followers:

Step #1: Authenticate your Twitter account via logging into the Circleboom Twitter dashboard.

It will take just a few seconds.

Step #2: To get a list of all Twitter accounts that follow you, go to the menu on the left, select “Search”  and then “All My Followers” respectively.


Step #3: Circleboom will list all the Twitter accounts that follow you. You can click on the “Visit” button to go to their profile. You can select all or some of them and click on the “Remove Selected Accounts” button to mass remove all your Twitter followers.

You can also use Circleboom Twitter’s iOS app to remove your Twitter followers in your mobile devices.

2 – How to  remove Twitter followers from your follower list

The first of doing it is to go into your follower list from a browser and then click on the three dots next to their name. Next click on remove follower. As far as I can tell, this is not doable from the Twitter iOS app.

How to remove Twitter followers. Twitter follower deleter

This  approach makes sense, but it’s actually harder to use than it looks. If you have thousands of followers and you want to remove somebody who started following you years ago, you would have to scroll through your entire follower list.

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3 – Remove Twitter followers from their own profile

I find this approach in general easier when I have to remove somebody. I simply go to their profile, and click remove follower from there.  If for some reason the remove follower option doesn’t show up you can also block them which prompts Twitter to force their account to unfollow you, and then just unblock them.

Block somebody to remove them as a follower. Twitter follower deleter

When should you remove a follower?

Generally speaking, if you’re trying to build an audience, it’s probably never the best idea to remove followers. If they’re annoying and trolling you, you could also just mute them so you don’t see their responses.

If you have a lot of conversation going on in your replies, and you’re really trying to build a community, it might be a good idea to remove them so they don’t routinely participate in those conversations. After all, that bad apple can leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Be a Twitter follower deleter when it matters.

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