How do you reply to a comment on YouTube

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When you are thinking about how to reply to a comment on YouTube, consider making it a video reply. That does a couple of things:

  • It shows off the creator’s personality
  • Creates another video for the channel.

And people seem to watch them. You may have seen them before on YouTube and also on TikTok. (I probably saw them on TikTok first.)

how to respond to comments on youtube with a video reply

Creating these replies is relatively easy, and this can be done for YouTube Shorts and regular YouTube videos – including livestreamed podcast episodes. Video replies must be initiated from the YouTube mobile app. It’s not currently doable from a desktop browser like Safari. But you can leave written replies fro desktop.

youtube comments on desktop

In the above case, I simply emailed myself the link and then responded with this from my phone. The response to the regular YouTube video is then posted as a Short, and I can even tag the original video with a link. 

video comment reply to a regular 16x9 youtube video

The steps on how to respond to a comment on YouTube

Once you have a comment that you would like to respond to, click on the reply button below the comment.

reply button on YouTube comments

Once in the comment reply area, click on the camera icon. It first looks like it wants you to add something from your camera roll. Just acknowledge that and get out of it. You can start recording on the next screen.

how to respond to a YouTube comment from the mobile app

Then simply record your reply on video.

responding with a video reply on YouTube

Publish as you normally would. Also, keep in mind that others can and do find the video – so I like to talk about the topic discussed in the original comment and then give the reply video a title that would offer value to others – beyond the person you are responding to – as well.

publishing a video reply on youtube

In short, replying with a video response on YouTube and TikTok – where the process is nearly identical – makes sense. Once you get a ton of comments, it certainly will become an exercise of prioritization to determine which ones should be responded to and which aren’t worth your time.

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