[SOCIAL MEDIA] How to turn off Facebook event notifications

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Event notifications seem to have gotten out of hand on Facebook recently. At least for me. I get so many notifications from pages I like that I felt the need to dig deeper on how to actually turn those notifications off. Unfortunately, for us social media users: It’s not easy and can’t be done for all pages you like at once. Ugh!

Note to Facebook: Please update and allow unsubscribes to event notifications for all pages I liked at once.

For Facebook Page admins who post events, which I get can be an effective strategy, note that you can turn away your audience if you post too many irrelevant events. Of course, if posting events to Facebook drives attendance, it might be worth it nonetheless.

So how do you turn event notifications off? I went to Settings, then Notifications where I was expecting a “Turn off all NOW” button. Here’s how that area looks:


notification settings

Feel free to keep looking and I did look for a while. I even searched “events” on the page. There’s no way to turn event notifications off account-wide. As far as I can tell! But there are a couple of ways to do it:

Option 1 to turn off Facebook event notifications

When you get a Facebook event notification, go to it and swipe and hide it (on mobile). I don’t know if that just gets it out of your sight or actually unsubscribes you from all future event notifications. You can unsubscribe from all future notifications from a desktop browser. Go to the notification and click on those three periods.

event notifications

That allows you to hide that one notification OR turn off event notifications from this page completely.

Option 2 to turn off Facebook event notifications

Option 2 is even more cumbersome. Sorry. Don’t shoot the messenger! Go to the page you want to unfollow for event notifications. From the page, click on FOLLOWING, then on that little pencil.

events notifications by page

Once you click the pencil thingy you end up here:

events unsubscribe click thru

Just uncheck the events box and that should be it – for that one page. You can also turn off Facebook Live video, which you can also turn off account-wide in SETTINGS! But as you can see Facebook Live was just as hard to turn off initially and that got easier. So maybe Facebook will change event notifications as well.

Facebook event notifications wrap

I wasn’t sure if this was truly a Facebook thing triggered by events near me or if page admins were inviting me. They weren’t. When a page invites you, it looks like this:

Facebook events certainly have their place in social media marketing and I’ve seen events that were completely organized on Facebook. I’ve attended events as well where I’ve received the first and only invitation on Facebook. But, getting 3-8 event notifications a day won’t get me to attend most of those events. But it did get me to find out how to turn them off and blog about it.

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