Is Spotify Greenroom an useful alternative to record your podcast?

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Spotify has now rolled out its own audio chat app – a la Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces. 

Greenroom is pretty much an audio chat room but with one big difference: you can easily record your live chat – a.k.a. the podcast livestream – and then use a recording for your podcast.

In Greenroom you can have a live audio broadcast of yourself with guests and audience members who can be allowed up on the stage. Then when you’re done Greenroom will email you the recording which you can upload to Anchor for podcast distribution.

To get started

Head on over to to download the app. That’s one thing to consider. Like all the other audio apps Greenroom is also only available on mobile devices. So you can’t sit in your podcast studio and use your mic setup on a laptop for now.

But if you are creating a podcast from your phone anyways it is a nice opportunity to get some audience interaction.

If you already live stream with video on it’s probably hard to to make the move to Greenroom. Although, it’s always worth trying for an episode or two to see if people will tune in.

You can tie Greenroom to your existing Spotify account or create a new one. You do have to use your real name.

Once in it’s quite easy to create a room. And every room has to be tied to a topical group. Many of them are currently consumer topics and I saw a bunch of sports ones. I did connect my room to the content creator topic.

Greenroom recordings

Once your live is complete Spotify emails the recording in just a couple minutes. If the email doesn’t arrive I’m not sure where you recover it. I see no recording button in the app. The audio quality is great.

Once the recording arrives it’s still a little clunky.

When I click on Anchor it just sends me to the App Store to open my Anchor app, which is already on my phone. So I didn’t see a very easy way to transfer the file from that email to the Anchor app.

Biggest barrier?

Perhaps the biggest barrier to overcome with Spotify Greenroom is that it’s another new network where I would have to build an audience.

But the potential integration with Anchor is great if you already use that as your podcast distribution platform. I use Anchor for all of my audio version needs.

I currently upload the video file from the live and then after it extracts the audio edit in there and publish.

If I can attract a decent audience on Spotify Greenroom I would definitely try it. And if it moves to video livestreaming it would be a total no-brainer. Especially if I can integrate it into my multi-network live strategy.

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