MacBook Pro or iPad Pro?

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MacBook Pro or iPad Pro? It’s an interesting question because I see them as being used in slightly different use cases, they certainly they can both be used in some overlapping scenarios.

So let me show you how I currently use either device.

When to use a MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro When I got my current MacBook Pro the whole reason I got a laptop was so I could take it with me when I’m traveling. There was also a bit of a trend not to get desktop computers and just get a laptop. In reality, it just sits in my office and displays on monitors.

It does work for that, but I probably could’ve just bought an iMac to be honest. So in short, a MacBook Pro works well when you need multiple monitors – up to two – and when you need to be mobile with a device that has a keyboard.

What’s interesting about that statement however is that I hardly ever use my MacBook Pro keyboard. I use an external keyboard with it.

External keyboard

So that’s how I use my MacBook Pro. it works in the office set up, but it’s also available if I ever wanted to take it outside or with me while I’m traveling.

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When to use an iPad Pro

The iPad Pro can actually be used close to a standalone computer when you use it with a stand and a wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

iPad stand

And even though it can do some of the tasks content creators do every day, it can’t do some of the real heavy lifting. And multitasking or going between multiple monitors is not nearly a simple.

I use my iPad Pro when I’m traveling. I’m also voice dictating this article right now while sitting on the couch. I would recommend an Otter case just in case it falls down.

During the day, I use it for some completely auxiliary tasks while at my desk. Like to check the Ring cameras or see another (non-urgent) notification.

Final verdict: MacBook Pro or iPad Pro?

For me, it’s both and I use them in different scenarios, and sometimes even together in the same scenario.

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