My gaming chair keeps going down (Solution)

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I’ve been a fan of these comfortable gaming chairs for a while – and I don’t even game. The comfort is fantastic. But at times, my gaming chair keeps going down.

That can be a personal weight issue, or the chair’s mechanism has some issues. I will argue that it’s not my weight as I’m under the published limit, so let’s assume it’s a problem with the mechanism. Either way, it needs to get fixed. Here’s how you can fix it quickly.

The easiest way to fix that is to add a PVC pipe around the bottom of the chair, like this:

For that, I use these PVC pipes. (I’ve been using the same one ever since. The additional ones are still stored somewhere if that first one ever needs to be replaced.)

PVC pipes

And these clamps keep everything in place.



In the unlikely event that you have to cut the PVC pipes, try this:

Of course, you could also send the chair back if this happens early on, but once it’s assembled – which can take an hour or more – we are a bit invested. And if my gaming chair keeps going down, and that doesn’t start until after the return window closes, it’s impossible to send it back anyway.

Buying these few pieces of equipment is way cheaper than getting a new chair as well. So it works.

Does anyone notice the pipes? I don’t and I actually had forgotten about the pipes and clamps being attached.

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