No time for outages: Backup internet for home the easy way

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Who has time for internet issues while working at home? Not me. So I looked into what might be the easiest backup internet for home solution.

How does it work?

At the most basic level: When we work at home, many use a WiFi setup that comes in through a cable from an internet company. If that ever goes out for any reason, a backup system would switch on and still provide some level of internet service to the home.

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Ring base station option

If you use Ring cameras at your home, you can use a Ring Base Station with backup internet. Once the main WiFi solution turns off, it connects to a cellular connection and starts feeding internet connectivity back into the home,  powering the cameras and other devices.Ring Base Station


eerosI’ve been a fan of eeros for a while now. They easily extend my WiFi network throughout the house and even outside, which is great for the whole-house generator, so it can be connected to the system easily.

Once you install the eeros in the home, download the app.

In the app, follow these steps:

Click on internet

set up backup internet for home on eero

Then eero internet backup

set up backup internet for home on eero

On the next screen, you can toggle it and choose where the internet backup should be pulled from.

set up backup internet for home on eero

On my backup options, I had neighbors’ networks and hotspots. Even if you get permission from a neighbor, using theirs as a backup is probably not the best option. Chances are that if your WiFi is out, so is theirs – unless they are on a different provider.

The easiest solution might be just setting a phone or iPad’s hotspot to the backup here. That won’t do much good if that device isn’t at home when the internet goes down. I like this option, as hotspots are commonly included and are part of my current plans. They may not support live streaming well, but they are better than nothing.

You could also consider setting up a secondary provider if the first provider’s internet goes out. The biggest problem here might be that there’s no secondary provider available in the area, or it’s just a tad too expensive.

A backup modem can also connect to cellular providers.

backup internet modem

So backup internet for home options now exist, and who wants to get caught in losing deals, falling behind in projects, or dropping off mid-stream on a podcast livestream because the WiFi has disappeared? Not me, for sure, and I bet you also want to stay connected.

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