Optimizing PDF Files on Your Website Using the Best PDF Compressor

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In this digital marketing era, having a brand, products, or services marketed through websites and social media is a requirement, especially if one wants to be a noticeable player among competitors. Therefore, it is important to have an excellent digital marketing strategy. One of the best strategies is to optimize one’s website by adding a PDF file.

However, a big PDF size is unsuitable for a website because it may take a long time to load a page. So, it is best to reduce PDF size using a PDF compressor before incorporating it onto a website. 

This article will answer two questions, including why it is a great idea to have a PDF file on our website and how to compress a PDF to make it appropriate for a website.

When it’s a good idea to have a PDF file on a website

Most PDF files are large. With this information, it is best to consider its placement on a website. Does it give additional value to our readers? If the answer is “YES”, check again: Is the PDF file too big? If so, what should we do to compress PDF files?

One needs to consider the above questions because if the PDF files do not give additional value about a brand, product, or service to the viewers, it will negatively impact the audience’s experience, especially if they must wait too long for the page to load. If they are patient enough, they will stay. Otherwise, they will leave the site before they read or download any pdf files.

No one wants any digital marketing strategy to be unnoticed or ignored by potential clients. Moreover, the readers may feel reluctant to download the files if they are not compressed into a reasonable downloadable size. One has to remember that not all audiences view a website from their PC. Others download it to their mobile phones, and having such large PDF sizes is not ideal. 

After considering the values and sizes of PDF files, let us move further to the reasons why having compressed PDF files on our website is a great marketing strategy.

First, it will improve one’s expertise and credibility

When the PDF file’s content gives the readers valuable information, it will become a top point for the brand. Moreover, if the data and information are presented neatly and professionally, the readers may perceive one as a credible brand.


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Second, it reinforces brand identity

When someone visits a site and downloads a PDF file, they get an impression of how professional the owner is. It gives them confidence that they are dealing with someone who cares about their business and wants to help them grow by offering them valuable information at no cost!

Usually, these PDF files are ‘white papers’ containing information about a brand and what it has to offer. Therefore, compressing pdf promotional files is a great marketing effort.

Third, it will generate leads

The best way to let a web reader download a PDF file is by asking them to provide their email address. This way, you will have a prospectus client database that you can use for future promotional efforts.

The above reasons will reassure that to compress pdf files and place them for download on our website. Now, we move to the next step of compressing PDF files easily.

How to compress a PDF file easily

Generally, one can easily compress PDF files by using two options. First, one can use a PDF compressor tool to compress PDF. Second, one can choose to compress PDF online. Both choices are simple and stress-free, so that anyone can do them.

A PDF compressor tool

A PDF compressor tool is a tool that you download from a trusted provider. To choose among various compressor tools, one must first read the online reviews or get a recommendation from a trusted party who used the software.

Reading articles or finding YouTube reviews about such tools is the best way to find a trusted PDF compressor tool that can reduce PDF size in a few easy steps.

One common PDF compressor tool that has gained users’ trust is Adobe Acrobat. 

We can compress PDF files by following these simple steps:

  • First, open the ‘Tools’ tab
  • Chose ‘Optimize PDF’
  • From the drop-down menu, select ‘Open’
  • Choose a file to compress
  • Click ‘Reduce file size’ appears on the top
  • Set the compatibility
  • Rename the file
  • Save the file

Upon saving the compressed PDF file, it is ready to be uploaded to the website.

A PDF compressor free website

Readers who do not want to download anything to their PC or laptop can instantly compress PDFs online. Similar to finding a trusted PDF compressor tool, we have to find a trusted PDF compressor-free website. Be sure that our file is safe in the hand of the third party that provides PDF compressor service. Again, seeking online reviews from common users and trusted websites is the best way to get recommendations before compressing PDFs online. 

Again, the most trusted PDF compressor-free website is Adobe. Not only is it trusted, but also easy to use.

  • First, go here
  • Chose a file to compress
  • Upload the file
  • Download the file

Sharing your PDF file on your website

After a PDF file is compressed, it is ready to be uploaded to the website. One can do it classically by adding the PDF file directly to a post. However, one can also use a PDF embedder plug-in. It is also a great idea to ask for the visitor’s email if they want to download the PDF file. This way, their emails are collected for further marketing or promotional efforts and engage them with the brand and its services.

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