Why is deleting my Facebook account so much work? How to DELETE Facebook!

After the outcry over privacy concerns for users of Facebook in early 2018 people started deleting their Facebook accounts and apps. Or at least they said they were. Some companies also said they would delete their Facebook pages, and other users started tweeting #DeleteFacebook, which […]

How Saturday Night Live draws views by publishing 18 YouTube clips right after the TV show

YouTube continues to be a great way to share your video content and I blogged about how the channel owns my TV viewing here. I’ve also written about how people need to stop dumping just raw footage on the network. During the week I often […]

Should conferences allow or encourage attendees to live tweet sessions? 

In 2017 the American Diabetes Association held its conference and posted tweets asking attendees to delete tweets that contained photographs from sessions: Eric Topol, the healthcare thought leader, responded with this below, saying it’s 2017: From what I saw on Twitter many attendees did delete […]

What’s the difference between promotions and distribution strategies in digital marketing?

Today, I posted this on some social networks: Have you ever written a blog post? No. Tweet? No. Facebook post? Not by myself. Do you know the difference between promotions and distribution strategies? I’ll have to dig deeper into that, but looked at that in […]