Positive effects of music on marketing performance

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The positive effects of music are something I didn’t really think about consciously until we discussed the topic on my podcast and after reading “The Leader’s Playlist” by Susan Drumm.

Susan talked about a person’s playlist figuratively and literally when she joined me on my podcast.

The literal positive effect of music

I’ve gone to the gym for decades and the music I listen to helps me lift harder, run faster and feel more energized in general.

Of course, as Susan discusses, that also applies to the effect music can have on our professional performance.
Listening to fast-moving music will get us going. That works well at the gym and also for some situations at work when we need to bring some energy.

On the flip side listening to something more soothing can help us calm down. For example, I listen to the “Relaxation Station” on Pandora when I need to feel the need for calm. It does work.

The trick is to figure out when it’s best to have calming music and when it’s best to cool things down some.

The figurative playlist

Susan also discusses the importance of the playlist in people’s minds. What songs are in our heads that either motivate or discourage us from doing something? How are we seeing ourselves?

The effect of music on our work environment

I listen to music mostly through spatial audio with noise cancellation on while working at home. That’s especially helpful when my family is home.

If you work in an open workspace on content creation of any kind, you might want to also put in those ear buds.

What music specifically works for you is a personal preference but I’ve seen the impact already. Picking the right music to pump me up for that presentation works. So does picking the slower and relaxing music when I just need to slow that heartbeat down. Let’s think about what the best strategy is!

That’s another reason why this isn’t necessarily a case of somebody blaring music over a speaker. First of all, the sound quality is likely way worse than what it sounds like on my AirPods and what if others don’t like that music? It can have a negative affect.

At the end of the day, good marketing happens when people are creative and build campaigns and projects that their target audience cares about. That happens when teams are in the right mindset and music can help with that.


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