What are 5 everyday things that bring professional happiness?

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Certainly, the answer to what everyday things bring professional happiness depends on each person and their interests, responsibilities and values.

For me, these five things bring me professional happiness – in alphabetical order.


In content, it can be easy enough to go, go, go and I like that too, but there has to be balance. Know what can fit into a day and should fit into a day and what cannot. 


Good content happens when teams collaborate, get creative and produce stuff that stands out. Good collaboration definitely is in my Top 5 everyday things to be happy.

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Creative content creation

I love, love, love when I get to find ways to create content that is creative and perhaps a new way to stay in front of audiences.


Innovation can come in many forms. Anything from creating a new kind of storyline that helps a company stand out. To fixing effective workflows. To coming up with something completely new. The point is that working towards creating experiences for our audiences that are different is definitely one of the everyday things that make my day just better.

The right speed

Content that doesn’t get published will never perform. So that means we need the right speed to publishing. And when stuff doesn’t get done because of slow approvals, slow anything it can be a drag.

So I’m very happy when these everyday things happen and they happen regularly. And not only do they make me happy but they actually help content perform.

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