How to set up a professional Twitter account – a.k.a a Twitter business account

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Instagram has long had professional accounts and Twitter now offers that same feature. You can now set up a professional Twitter account and highlight the category that you work in or that your business is in.

For now, the only difference I can see on my profile is that it lists the category I chose. I picked content publisher.

But there is a host of other categories which you can see in the video.

I’m not sure what the professional Twitter account will get me long-term but I also don’t see any downfall for the time being for trying it. Usually setting up new features out of the gate can be advantageous.

How to set up a professions Twitter account

if you have the functionality available you will see that option after clicking on the edit profile function.

Click on switch to professional and acknowledge the terms.

You can declare whether you’re a person or an entity.

Then pick the category that you want to be listed in and you’re all set.

Is there an advantage to switching to this type of account? I don’t know what it would be this second. On Instagram you can add a contact button when using the business account. On LinkedIn you can turn on Creator mode which apparently helps you reach more people – even though I haven’t seen that effect.

On Twitter, you can follow topics but you can also follow topics from just a regular Twitter account so I’m not sure if that’s an advantage or not.

Either way. My account has been switched over to a professional Twitter account and I’ll leave it that way for the time being. We will see what happens and if it has positive or negative influence on my Twitter strategy.

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