Should we put our webinars on YouTube and social media?

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Webinars are still a great lead-generation tool! When people sign up – even if they don’t attend – they show interest in your topic! When your informational topic is also linked to a sales activity capturing that interest is helpful and can allow companies to run email nurture campaigns.

Typically the webinar model works like this:

  • Decide on a topic that can lead into sales follow up
  • Promote the webinar through email, remarketing, etc. to get people to sign up.
  • Run the webinar
  • Run a nurture campaign via email

Of course, this model one way to get the names but it’s not the only way to get the message out.

For example, ScribbleLive used to publish many of their webinars also on their YouTube channel:

As you can see, they are getting a good amount of views. There are 11 and together they have roughly 20,000 views! Not bad! Most of them are just shy of 2,000!

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I saw more astonishing numbers recently during another webinar I participated in on social media in higher ed. Using this model, the webinar was streamed to:

  • the registered webinar audience
  • Facebook Live
  • Periscope (aka Twitter Live)

It was going well and then the Periscope stream was taking off with over 8,000 viewers:

Marketing certainly is a numbers game adding webinars to all these other channels can help us grow audiences. Some marketers will argue that those audiences are unknown audience members. That’s true. But known audience members usually come out of building unknown audience first.

Plus, why not throw your webinar content a parade and uploading it to other services or livestreaming it there is one way to do that.

Other repurposing ways include taking the content and:

  • turning it into a podcast. Even if it’s just pieces of it.
  • write a story or 4 from it. These stories could then link back to the webinar replay as well.
  • write an e-book and offer that for download.
  • use the content for infographics.
  • use the content for tweets and other social media posts.
  • Other?

The ways to repurpose content are endless. 

But what about the people who will now go to YouTube and watch there instead of giving us their email. I would say that the crossover is likely small and it’s not a likely scenario.

The YouTube viewers are likely new audience member and you can add calls to action into your video to get them to sign up for your email list, for example.

Same on Periscope. Those 8,000 viewers are likely new and not all relevant to a business, probably. Either way, it’s growing the audience and some of those are likely relevant audience members.


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