Tap Into AI Content Creation to Maximize your Marketing

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AI content creation can help us create better content if we use it correctly. In reality, many content teams already use AI anyway. But, there are several levels of AI content creation, or should I call it AI-assisted content creation? I’ll discuss those in this article.

As Tech Influencer Evan Kirstel said on “The Business Storytelling Show,” there will be winners and losers in the AI content creation game, but trying the technology early on its lifecycle is essential.

In this article, I discuss the following:

What is AI content creation?

Content can be created by artificial intelligence, and there are several artificial intelligence tools out there that do just that. They have different levels of quality and workflows. For example, Copylime.com has an article writer that produces the content based on an outline and charges you credits as you go.

Then we have tools like ChatGPT that write content based on questions or commands. For example, here I asked:

Please write an intro about Christoph Trappe, the content marketer

It responded with:

Christoph Trappe is a renowned content marketer and thought leader in the marketing industry. He has extensive experience creating and executing successful content strategies for B2B and B2C companies and has helped numerous organizations build their brand and engage their target audience through compelling content. Christoph is known for his innovative and data-driven approach to content marketing and has been recognized for his contributions to the field through numerous awards and speaking engagements.

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In a nutshell, AI content creation uses artificial intelligence through a question, directive, or even an outline of what the content should entail. In addition to artificial intelligence writing the content, there are other aspects where artificial intelligence can help content creators in their process. Those areas include artificial intelligence reviewing the content, improving existing content, and scouring through source materials to find the best content to use.

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The AI reviews content

Tools like Grammarly check much of our content work already. I know I have it running nonstop in the background as a Chrome extension. Grammarly uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn and make better recommendations. This might be the entry point for many content teams for AI. After all, people have used spellcheck and grammar check for decades. This is just a new and advanced way of doing that.

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AI improves content

Then we have the workflow where artificial intelligence improves the content. Grammarly certainly fits in here. So does the headline tool in Copylime. I enter an idea for a headline, and then Copylime gives me five ideas for potentially better headlines.

In fact, I used this tool for the headline for this article. Many of the Copylime headlines are too long for SEO purposes, so I’m still needed to cut them down and make them work for that purpose.

Finding the best content in source materials

Another way AI can be used is to comb through existing content to help us find themes or relevant quotes. For example, I used the Voxpopme software, where I work as director of content strategy, to go through all of last year’s “Reel Talk: The Customer Insights Show” to find themes and quotes for me for a wrap-up episode.

Certainly, year-in-review episodes like this aren’t anything new, and all kinds of creators produce content that looks back at the last year. But being able to have the software tell me what the themes were and then find the relevant soundbites made the process way more effective and efficient.

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The future of AI in your workflow

This is how content creators should look at artificial intelligence in their process: How can it make the process easier while we still create unique and meaningful content? Just asking ChatGPT to write all your blog posts isn’t the way to go, and at some point, a lot of content might sound the same if everyone does that.

But maybe at some point, we can teach AI tools our brand voice and style, and it can help us produce content quicker and still ensure that it’s unique and will help us stand out.

The key – like it is with any new technology really – is to look at the opportunity and integrate the ones that make sense to your strategy and workflows.

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