7 AI tools for content creators you want to try

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I shared how AI and humans can get the most out of content performance. Now, let’s look at some of the best AI tools for content creators. Best – as always – is certainly my opinion.

Claude AI

It’s kind of like ChatGPT, but I found it more useful early on in the AI content evolution. You can now also transcribe handwritten notes in Claude, analyze images, and use it to brainstorm content ideas, update drafts, and more.


A fantastic AI-powered tool to check my grammar and tone and ensure no accidental plagiarism happens. Every week it sends me an overview of the number of words analyzed as well.

Grammarly overview

And the tones I’ve used. This is across everything – client blogs, my own blogs, emails, etc. Anything I write. I use the Grammarly plugin on Safari.

Grammarly tones

The plagiarism detection can be run in the app or by copying the text over to Grammarly.com.

plagiarism detection in grammarly

Fabrica Studio

Create AI images in no time. I tried it here, and it worked great. A nice way to get quick illustrations for your blog posts or social media.

Ai generated images of a podcast studio

Opus Pro

Opus Pro creates short videos from my video podcast episodes in no time. I can easily edit using the transcript, resize in moments, and export additional social media clips from my episodes. Seriously, an awesome AI tool for content creators who have longer form video content.

Opus Pro - AI tools for content creators

More AI video editing tools can be found in this article. 

Otter AI

Otter AI is a great tool for reviewing transcripts quickly. It labels speakers well, creates a summary outline of what was discussed, and is easily searchable. I used it to determine how the split of speaking time on podcasts is, too. Let’s call that data-driven!

Otter AI tools for content creators


A great tool to get your subject line tested and then get additional AI-generated ideas.

subjectline.com AI

WordPress Editor

In the WordPress editor, you can use AI to create SEO titles and meta descriptions once you have half an article written. It’s super helpful, but needs a bit of editing – which is true for more AI tools anyway. But it’s a great start.

AI in WordPress

With the Jetpack AI Assistant – which I tested but don’t use – you can even get entire articles started. Just be aware that this might be a start, but it won’t make the content super unique to you. But it can definitely help with brainstorming.

AI Assistant in WordPress



Others to consider

Other tools I’ve tried but don’t use all the time include:

Which tools are best for you depends on your goals, workflows, and the type of content you are working with. These are the ones worth looking into and considering; certainly, the offerings will continue to evolve.

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