Why tools like AI Writer are not the future of content

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Using AI tools that write content from scratch like AI Writer to churn out content without any unique stories or personal opinion or provided source content is just not the future. Let me show you why.

First of, let’s discuss what is the future of content. If your company wants to stand out through content, your articles must be:

And AI writing tools that basically remix content that is already readily available on the internet, just doesn’t hit most of those points.

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How AI Writer works

By way of example, let’s take a look at how it works with this tool.

Login. Declare a headline – i.e. topic of the article.

Choosing a headline with AI writer
Then pick the keywords you want the article to address.

Choosing keywords within AI writer

It then gives you suggestions for sub sections and you can move them around and say how many words per section you’d like.

AI Writer suggests sections

From there it creates the article and even cites the sources – take a look at this. Every paragraph basically is based on content from other existing articles.

AI Writer cites sources - which is basically all the content

AI Writer citations
It’s great to see where content comes from, but that certainly doesn’t make this article unique. From an SEO perspective, linking to that many sources also doesn’t make sense.

Can it drive some results for a moment? Maybe. Long-term? I doubt it. Will it establish you as a (thought) leader in your industry? Definitely no.

And it tested relatively high in a plagiarism check. (I use Grammarly.)

Grammarly plagiarism checker
That can also create duplicate content issues.

I’m a fan of using AI, but this just isn’t the way to stand out.

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