What equipment do I need for a video podcast?

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As more and more podcasts also now have video versions – some of them even broadcast live  – it’s good to consider: What equipment do I need for a video podcast?

Here’s the equipment I use to live stream my video podcast.

best home office equipment setup for me

Production software, etc.

Make sure you have a computer that can handle a good video stream. Currently, I use a MacBook Pro. I use Restream to produce the show. It also allows me to ensure video quality and verify that audio levels are equal. That’s super important because you don’t want one speaker to be loud and the other be way quieter. Of course, if you’re the guest on somebody else’s video podcast, you won’t have to worry about this piece.

And my computer is hooked up to a fast speed eero system.

Eero system


Let’s talk about the equipment needed specifically for a video podcast.

The mic

The most important thing is the microphone – even though it is a video podcast. Bad audio will turn people away in no time. I currently use a Yeti and it sounds great. Make sure to put it directly in front of your face.

Podcast equipment you need for video podcast – microphone

The camera

Now that you sound good, let’s talk about looking good. That comes down to the right camera. I would recommend to upgrade from just the laptop camera. I currently use the NexiGo zoomable camera. It works well, and the quality is great as well.

Camera for video podcasts

I have it sitting on a standalone tripod standalone tripod, so it doesn’t shake when I’m holding onto the desk during an episode.

Standalone tripod for camera for video podcast

Do you really need two ring lights and two other lights that brighten up the room to look good on a show? Probably not but at least one ring light is something I would recommend. Here’s my current set up with links to all the products:

Lighting for video podcast

I would say those are the bare minimum pieces of equipment. You need to look and sound good on a video podcast. Here is some other equipment that I use and that helps me level up my video podcast appearances, but they’re clearly not necessary out of the gate.

Sound panels

I have sound panels installed behind me, to my side and even on the ceiling to make things sound even better. I prefer the self adhesive kind and colors that blend in, but there is plenty of options available for you.

Sound panels for video podcast

Background plants

There’s certainly all kinds of things you can put behind you and I am a big fan of some fake plants.

Fake plants for video podcast

Other background options

You can use anything from your natural background to a physical backdrop. Some production programs don’t like virtual backgrounds so I typically don’t recommend those.

Backdrop for video podcast

All this equipment can make your video podcast better but prioritize what you need now and what you might add later.

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