Tech and Humanity: Step into the Future with AI Voice Cloning

AI voice cloning! Now, that’s new, and I wanted to try it. So I cloned my voice, and here’s how that went. Using Eleven Labs, I cloned my voice, and the result was something. Have a listen…

Thanks to Paul Furiga for letting me know about this platform.

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What is AI voice cloning?

AI voice cloning is the use of technology to replicate a voice. In the case of Eleven Labs, I had to upload a 60-second clip, and from there, the software replicated my voice. Once that’s complete, you upload text, and the computer-generated voice reads that text.

Benefits of AI voice cloning

The benefits are that it can help us scale voice-based content creation. For example, I copied and pasted a chapter of my “Is marketing a good career?” book into Eleven Labs and got an almost five-minute clip. I can now publish that as a podcast episode or anywhere else audio-content works.


Ethical Considerations in AI voice cloning

If it’s this easy to clone our voices, others can do the same and use it for less than good reasons. So that’s a concern, but for content creators that produce audio and video content, that possible danger is hard to get around when it’s part of our professional brands to be out there. In short, understand the potential dangers and do not clone other people’s voices without their permission!

Essential components for creating an AI voice clone

You need to record a sample in a quiet setting and upload it to get started. But to scale content creation, we either need to create or already have written content that can be used here.

These machine readings do a good job, but the written content still needs to be written appropriately to make sense when said aloud.

Challenges and Limitations in AI voice cloning

This strategy works when you have written content that can work in an audio format. It does not work for conversing with somebody else on your podcast or letting your personality shine genuinely. Cloning is also not always perfect, so that’s something to consider – how well do you like the sound of the duplicate?

But like any new technology, this is worth trying and seeing how you can integrate it into your content strategy.

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