The Future of Business Communication: AI, CommTech, and CCOs

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The definition of communication is evolving in business. So, let’s find out what that means to you! David Toushek, the founder of Everything Communications, is leading a revolution in how companies (including communications experts) think about and approach communications. The future of business communication looks different from the past. A complete paradigm shift is upon us in the way we approach this most essential building block of business. Join us on episode 661 of “The Business Storytelling Show” to hear our 24-minute discussion about the topic.

Some of the questions we’ll discuss include the following:

  • How and why is the definition of communications evolving?
  • What are the key differences now and in the future to business communications?
  • The role of AI and tech advancements.
  • How can companies win with business communication even in the future?
  • You are creating the a go-to hub for everything communication – tell us about that!

Watch the LinkedIn Live here.

The episode is produced by Trappe Digital LLC and sponsored by Everything Communications. Enjoy this organic, unscripted conversation. Book your episode here.

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