The New Threads App is Live: How it works

The new Threads App – let’s call it another Twitter clone – is now live, and 10 million users or so joined in just 7 hours on July 5, 2023, – including me.

The Backstreet Boys joined too, announcing: “We’re back again.”

How the Thread app works

To join, download the app on your phone. It’s currently not available on desktop – similar to how Instagram started back in the day.

The feed is based on an algorithm, and you cannot read posts from only the people that you follow for now. That has positives and negatives. In these early days of the app, I enjoyed connecting with new people and also reconnecting with people I had kind of lost track of in the Twitterverse. I like the sleek design and overall usability so far of the app.

You can like and repost other people’s posts and post your own content. Currently, the post types that are available are:

  • Text only
  • Pre-recorded video (from your camera roll on your phone – the app is only available on phones for now)
  • Images
  • Links to articles

Tips for maximizing the Threads app experience

On Day 1 of being on the app, it was fun to reconnect, follow different people, and see people following me. Of course, that dopamine level might not be sustainable to just do it to do it and because it’s new.

So make sure to integrate whatever you do on Threads into your overarching content strategy. Share your expertise, engage with people, and offer value. Be real. It sounds like the things that worked early on in social media.

Of course, the Threads app will evolve, too. There are no ads yet. Some brands – like Dunkin Donuts and others – joined quickly. But true marketing messages certainly were absent on the first day of exploration.

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