What are Twitter Communities and how to start one

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In 2022, Twitter rolled out Twitter Communities, which are somewhat similar to Facebook or LinkedIn groups.

Let’s look at Twitter Communities.

What are Twitter communities

Twitter Communities are groups that have members, topics  and rules around participation. Rules often are:

  • Stay on topic
  • Be respectful
  • Respect others

Common sense stuff that isn’t always common practice on Twitter or social media in general. A moderator, in theory, enforces the rules.

Twitter users can join communities and then see posts from it in specific tab and participate from there as well.

Twitter communities tab

Joining Twitter communities

How to start a Twitter community

As of right now, you have to apply. The form is pretty simple and asks about what the community would be about and who might join.

Start a Twitter community

Once approved, you can create your group.

Should brands do this?

Like anything, it’s a question about priorities. It will likely take time to  build the group and then to keep it relevant. If you had on your idea list to build an online community through social media groups it might be worth trying.

Especially, it might be worth it, if you have a good Twitter following and people already use Twitter for the topic that you want to create a group for.

Of course, as a first step, your account would have to be approved to create a group. Perhaps consider this workflow – because if you aren’t approved that’s the end of it for now anyway.

  • Determine initial topic and audience
  • Apply
  • If approved, flush out the plan on how to grow it, run it and determine how long you’ll try it before deciding whether it’s a success and worth continuing or not.

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