Unlock Creativity: The Benefits of Using an AI Headline Generator

Artificial intelligence certainly can help us create better content, and one way to use the power of the machines is through an AI headline generator. Let’s discuss how I use an AI headline generator daily and how it helps me improve the quality of my headlines overall.

What is an AI headline generator?

An AI headline generator is a website or app that allows the creator to type in keywords, and based on those keywords, the AI software will offer several headline options for headlines.

The power of these tools is to get you ideas to consider. I hardly ever use the exact AI-written headline, but the ideas are so helpful. You can use these for headlines for all kinds of places:

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How to get headline ideas through artificial intelligence

Once I’ve settled on a rough topic and done my keyword research, I head to Copylime to get headline ideas. I type in the topic keywords and look at the recommendations.

AI headline generator

For example, here are the results and ideas for this article.

AI headline generator ideas

From there, I see which headlines I like and which I don’t. Sometimes I like the beginning or certain words of one and the ending or certain words of another. In those cases, I combine ideas. However, I hardly ever use one of these headlines as is.

Another reason these headlines need some editing is that they are usually too long for search engine optimization purposes. For example, I liked No. 1 and am close to using it with this article, but it’s too long, so I had to cut some words to please the SEO best practices gods.

AI headline generator final thoughts

Overall, tools like Copylime can make our lives as creators easier. It’s like an added step of brainstorming without having to call a meeting. The headlines can be snappier, use different words than you might typically pick, and improve the overall content. I would recommend this tactic to marketing teams.

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