Why did my business Instagram post to my personal Facebook wall?

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To get the Contact button on Instagram  your Instagram account can’t be a personal account and has to be tied to a Facebook page. (More on that here.)

Making that move to a business Instagram account also means you lose the ability to push photos over natively to your personal Facebook account. They now go to the page. It’s easy enough to go to Facebook to upload them there – so not a huge deal if you need photos to go to a personal page as well. And the contact button is nice! Make it easy for people to contact you!

I had this setup for quite a while and when I added a new iPhone (and had to add all apps from scratch) a photo posted to Instagram went to my personal Facebook account. What happened? Did I lose my business Instagram account?

I started investigating. 

This is the photo in question: 

It didn’t post to my page at all. I went back to Instagram to check settings. Everything was set up for business but the Facebook share looked like this:

It said “Facebook” instead of “The Authentic Storytelling Project.” No way I would have caught that distinction without knowing. 

Of course, posting a brand post to our personal accounts versus the other way is much less likely to cause harm – other than your friends might wonder if you got hacked. 


How can we keep people from getting fired for tweeting from the wrong account

But what caused this? Is it a hack we can use? As far as I can tell – no. I think it was a glitch. I was able to recreate it exactly once and got that screenshot above. 

I simply restarted Instagram and things were back to normal. 

The takeaway – always double check where you are posting. When it says “Facebook” it likely will go to your personal page. Make sure the fan page is listed if you want it to go there. 

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