Why do you like marketing?

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Why do you like marketing? That’s a good question for anyone already in a marketing or adjacent career or those considering a marketing career. In this article, let’s look at some of the reasons that make it a great career.

Building relationships

Tamika Carlton, SEO expert, answers why do you like marketing?“At its core, marketing is the art of fostering meaningful connections, and I have a deep appreciation for building relationships,” said SEO marketing strategist Tamika Carlton. “In any healthy relationship, both parties should derive value, and this holds true for business as well. Marketing serves as an invaluable tool and strategy to truly comprehend people, capture their interest, nurture them effectively, and ultimately offer something of immense value, transforming the relationship into a mutually advantageous exchange. It’s a harmonious win-win dynamic that fuels the essence of successful marketing.”

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The field allows me to be creative. That creativity isn’t always or usually about self-expression per se, but trying to connect with audiences in a meaningful and memorable way certainly requires creative thinking. Teams can be creative within the boundaries of the brands and companies that they work with.


Don Stanziano answers why do you like marketing?“It is the perfect mix of art and science,” said Don Stanziano, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Geisinger.   “It is, of course, highly creative and also highly data-driven, and the results are measurable.  I also love how quickly marketing is changing and evolving.”


That variety also gives teams the chance to problem-solve.

“What makes marketing exciting is the variability, whether it’s new products, new channels, changing customer behavior or something else, you always need to be finding new and better ways to achieve your goals,” said Hunter Hoffmann, Chief Marketing Officer at AmTrust Financial Services.

Especially as markets shift, distribution channels evolve and consumer attention is hard to get, knowing how to problem solve and push forward together as a team is a very important skill to have. It makes things easier when people enjoy the process.

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Impactful storytelling

One way to connect is through corporate storytelling – whether that’s through articles, video blogs or podcasts – the ways to tell a company’s stories evolve, and it can be quite fulfilling to learn new ways and drive results through those new ways.

The learning

There’s always something new to learn, and I personally enjoy the journey of learning, unlearning and driving results. With the explosion of AI marketing tools there’s always something new to learn for sure from that perspective as well.

Some might enjoy the fast pace, too. I certainly do. But let’s not mistake fast-paced with all over the place and being aimless.

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Opportunity to make a difference

Marketing teams also have the opportunity to make a difference. When marketing is done well, it’s a win-win-win situation. The company wins because it keeps growing because its marketing is working. Customers are happy because they found out about a product or service that can make a difference to them. And the marketers are happy because their job was done successfully.

The earning potential

Just review some of the salary ranges out there on LinkedIn and similar sites. You can make some decent money. In addition, putting your skills to work in affiliate marketing can add revenue streams as well.

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Why do you like marketing final thoughts

With the right skills, mindset, and right environment, it’s a great job that can be fulfilling on many levels.

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