‪How to easily resize images for social media networks

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The tasks to resize images for social media or to resize video for social media used to be more difficult. But today, I resize those media types easily in one software program and can easily include them in my COPE strategy.

It is important to upload the correct size to the different social media networks to offer users the best experience. But also do keep in mind that what size actually works is an evolving topic. For example, on YouTube only 16 x 9 videos used to be the norm. And today you can upload a 9 x 16 video and that displays just fine. Square videos get displayed nicely as well.

Resizing images for social media

When I create images in Canva, I can also easily resize them. Here’s an example of my podcast cover art. 

Resize images for social media

To resize it I simply click on resize and find the right setting for whatever social media network I’m trying to resize it for. If you’re looking for one that doesn’t show up by default, just start typing the network’s name.

Resizing in Canva

From there, Canva resizes the image and you can move things around and enlarge them if necessary once the new size has been created.

A resized image in Canva

Resize video for social media

When it comes to video, the process is pretty much identical. Here’s an example of how that looks for the opening clip of my podcast. The first screenshot is of the regular opening  16 x 9 video and the second one is for an Instagram Reels version. I simply created this by clicking on resize and creating.

Resize video for social media

Resize video for social media

Depending on what network you resize the video for you may have to move some things around to make them fit better. But using this automatic resizing function is a great way to be on the right track.

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Devices to use to resize images and video for social media

I’ve been happy with the ease of use and use Canva or its app on an iPad Pro or my desktop computer. In a rush, you can also resize on a smartphone, though, I find that user experience not as simple.

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