Boost Productivity with the Best iPad Stand for You

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Over the years, I’ve used a number of iPad stands for my iPad Pro, so of course I have opinions on which one is the best iPad stand out there. And certainly, the options are endless and I didn’t try every single iPad  stand in the market, but I got to my fair share. So let’s dive in.

Basically, I use two types:

  • At my desk and sometimes attached to my desk
  • Standalone on a tripod

Which one works best for you certainly depends on what your setup and specific needs are.

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Reviewing the best iPad Stands

This Lamicall Tablet Floor Stand is sturdy and it’s easy to put the iPad Pro into the bracket holder. It also holds other sizes of devices. The stand is sturdy and tall enough to be used in a number of situations. For example, you could put it at the side of your desk, in front of your stationary bike while working out or in front of you while in your couch office. I also use it to livestream softball games. Current price on Amazon: $34.99*

One of the Best iPad Stands

The Raking iPad Tripod Stand is another great option. It’s sturdy, has a decent height and also the bracket also adds another level of safety to the device. On the flip side, the bracket can also be a bit harder to put onto the device – especially when it’s a bigger device. Current price on Amazon: $19.99*

Lamicall also has a smaller stand to be placed on top of a desk. This one works well if you just need the device in front of you on your desk. It’s not quite sturdy enough for an iPad Pro but works great for iPhones and smaller iPads. Current price on Amazon: $11.99.*

iPad stand for desk

I also use this Arkon TAB086-12 Heavy Duty Tablet Clamp Mount on my desk to hold the iPad Pro nearby without it taking up desk space. This product works great as long as you have an edge to hook it to in your desk and can position the iPad in your preferred way. Current price on Amazon: $37.04*

iPad clamp mount

So those are the best iPad stands that I use on an ongoing basis and that help me be productive and use my devices in the best and most comfortable way.

*Amazon pricing changes and these prices were listed for me at the time of publishing.

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