Sound Up: Why a branded podcast works in a solid marketing strategy

You may have noticed that more and more brands in your vertical are now podcasting. Officially, that’s called a branded podcast. Even when most episodes are about thought leadership topics and just a few are about the company’s offerings or products, it’s still called a branded podcast. The term is defined by the fact that a company (aka a brand) creates the podcast.

We discuss the topic in depth on these two episodes of “The Business Storytelling Show.”

First, Alison Osborne of  Quill Inc & CoHost, joined me to discuss:

  • What’s a branded podcast?
  • What companies should do them?
  • How do they work, and what results can we expect?

On this episode with Ross Romano of “Be Podcast Network,” we dive further into these aspects of podcasting by brands:

  • The power of networking
  • Impact on sales
  • Making podcasting part of your overall integrated strategy

Both of these expert guests make some excellent points on what companies should consider when they decide on doing a podcast, or a live-streamed podcast, and how to tie it into their overall marketing and business objectives. As a quick checklist to get started:

  • What’s the goal?
  • Who will be the host?
  • How often do episodes publish?
  • What should the topics be?
  • Where else will content be used (i.e., blog posts, short-form video, etc.)
  • What software will be used? For example, Restream is what I use.

Once everything has been decided, it’s essential to commit to get and keep going. Much research has shown that creators start podcasts, publish a few episodes and then stop. And people wonder why it didn’t work. Like any content strategy, podcasts need to have a level of sustainability. Yes, being strategic is essential, but it’s also important to keep going. Both of these together can make your company’s podcast a success.

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