Marketing in Motion: Short-Form Video Connects with Audience

Why is short-form video so popular anyway? Probably because it’s short, when done well, tells a story, and gives social media platforms content that can easily and continuously be scrolled through.

Social Media Manager Angela Myers joined me on this recording of The Business Storytelling Show to discuss short-form video storytelling.

  • What is it?
  • How can brands implement it?
  • What makes for a good story in this format?
  • And more…

Short-form video platforms

This type of video is often found on social media networks in the form of:

So those platforms could be considered short-form video platforms, but you can also try and test short-form videos on LinkedIn, Twitter, and even your website. For example, trying a video blog as part of this strategy might be worth trying.

But it can also be used on websites. Instagram Reels can be embedded, for example. But, unfortunately, TikToks and YouTube Shorts can not be embedded as of April 2023.

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Short-form video length

Typically, short-form video is under 60 seconds and is less formal than other, more traditional types of videos, Angela said. That can be a challenge for some brands to create content like this.

How to create good content

Being less formal doesn’t mean content shouldn’t be strategic. For example, My daughter and I publish (almost) daily Instagram Reels, which usually relate to a content strategy topic – podcasting.

Angela said even short-form videos could and should include scripting. For example, consider what the story should be, make a short outline; and many videos have an on-screen copy.

Try to make it personal – like you are engaging with the viewer directly and speaking to them personally.

  • Look at the camera
  • Smile
  • Use “you” in spoken words, on-screen, and captions.

Short-form videos are usually 6×19 and not the traditional 16×9. Many users watch these on their phones, and TikTok has made that format popular. The easiest way to produce these formats is to shoot the footage that way. That’s what my daughter and I do. You can also edit existing 16×9 footage into that format using Canva or get help from a video editor.

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And keep in mind that you can typically repurpose your videos from one channel to another. For example, I usually use our Reels on TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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