What is short-form video?

Short-form video has become extremely popular on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This type of video is typically under 60 seconds long and features more casual, authentic content designed to grab the viewer’s attention quickly.

Let’s explore what short-form video is, why it has become so popular, how brands can leverage it, and tips for creating compelling short-form stories.

Social Media Manager Angela Myers joined me on “The Business Storytelling Show” to give us the answers.

What is Short-Form Video?

This content type refers to vertically-oriented videos under 60 seconds long and is designed for mobile devices. This format has been popularized thanks to apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

The vertical 9:16 aspect ratio fills a phone screen, and the short length caters to declining attention spans. They tend to be more raw, authentic, and conversational than polished corporate videos.

Why Has Short-Form Video Gotten So Big?

There are several reasons short-form mobile video has exploded:

  • Mobile technology makes shooting and sharing quick videos incredibly easy
  • Social platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts aggressively promote this content format
  • The length fits our declining attention spans

The interactivity of these apps keeps viewers engaged, scrolling through one video after another. Short-form video offers an intimacy and personality that fosters audience connection and relationships.

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How Can Brands Use Short-Form Video?

Short-form video represents a massive opportunity for brands to connect with audiences, increase brand awareness, foster engagement, and drive traffic.

Ways brands can leverage short-form video include:

  • Post authentic behind-the-scenes clips showing company culture
  • Share fun facts and “did you know” content
  • Demonstrate products quickly
  • Offer fast tips, tricks or hacks using your product/service
  • Respond to viral trends, songs or memes
  • Go live and interact with your audience

Tips for Creating Compelling Short-Form Videos

While short-form videos have a casual vibe, strategic planning is still required for success:

  • Script out a clear story or purpose
  • Hook the viewer immediately within 3 seconds
  • Maintain an authentic conversational tone
  • Talk directly to the audience using “you”
  • Ensure stable, straight framing for the 9:16 aspect ratio
  • Use platforms like TikTok and tools like Instagram Reels templates

These content assets allow you to connect with audiences through creative, fun content specially tailored for them. Following the best practices outlined above will help your brand’s videos stand out.

The key is conveying your authentic personality to viewers.

And if you have longer clips, you can easily create short-form versions of them using Opus Clips. Try it here. 

creating short form videos from longer videos

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