Unlock the Magic of Short-Form Audio in Your Marketing (Tips)

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Short-form video content – think Instagram Reels or TikTok – has been a thing for a while and indeed can be addictive. People scroll through those short videos all night and maybe even all day. But what about short-form audio content? How and where does that work?

Let’s dive into the top of short-form audio content here and see how your brand, or you as a creator, might be able to use it.

What is short-form audio?

This is audio content that has a time limit to it and is shorter. How long certainly can be debated. Some apps in the market allowed nine-minute uploads, then 90 seconds. The market of short-form audio has been fluid as well. Several apps have come and gone or pivoted. But this type of audio doesn’t have to be contained to a short-form audio app. It can be used on Twitter and even as short-form audio podcast episodes like this one.

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How to create short-form audio content

You can create short audio content on several different platforms:

Twitter has audio memos – aka audio tweets

You can record short voice messages from the smartphone app and publish them on Twitter. Here’s how that looks. Click on 2. No. 1 starts a Twitter Space.

Twitter audio tweet


short-form audio on Twitter record

Audiograms on any networks

Audiograms – short snippets from a podcast – technically are short audio content. Adding an audio wave hardly makes it a video. Audiograms can be produced on a number of platforms and can basically be used anywhere – including LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok.


All the short-form audio apps I’ve used in recent memory have come and gone quickly so until there’s an emerging leader in this space, I’m not focusing my energy here for now.

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Equipment to produce short audio assets

You can certainly use your iPhone or another smartphone with an app to record audio. That’s how I used to record most of my audio content when I was traveling. Now, I mostly use my Yeti microphone in my studio with sound panels. For the platform, I use Restream. And while Restream records audio and video, you can also just export the audio file.

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Final thoughts

Audio content can be a differentiator and should be part of a content strategy. At least, it should be considered whether that’s through podcasting or short-form audio content elsewhere. It’s another way to show off your brand’s human site and connect with people differently.

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