How to do LinkedIn audio

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By now we’ve all probably heard of Clubhouse and Twitter spaces. And now LinkedIn audio is the newest entrant into social media audio.

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LinkedIn expert Judi Fox joined me on an episode of The Business Storytelling Podcast to discuss:

  • what is LinkedIn audio
  • how to do an audio event on LinkedIn
  • ways to promote these events
  • how to decide how many people to bring on stage
  • and more

As is often the case, audio on LinkedIn is being rolled out in phases and right now it’s officially in beta. So Judi and some other influencers have access and are doing audio events but it’s not available to more people yet.

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How to check if you can host an audio event on LinkedIn

The easiest way to see if you have access is to create an event. That has to be done from your profile and not a company page. On the left side click the plus sign by events.

Check to see if I have LinkedIn audioOn the next page click on the online event options. For example in my case I can do a LinkedIn live but I don’t have the audio option available yet.

LinkedIn events to see if audio is available


Should I try audio on LinkedIn?

My philosophy in content performance is to try new things. Even if you’re only trying it a few times and then move on to other strategies. So I am planning on trying some audio events on LinkedIn when I get access.

Judi shared on the show that she also records the audio and then publishes that as a podcast. So there is a way to re-purpose the content, which I’m a big fan of.

I’m not sure if you can also tie a live video event into an audio event. My guess is that you won’t be able to do that but it’s worth looking into whether or not you can push a video event through an RTMP to the audio at some point.

Either way, at this point I will keep checking if I have audio available and will try it once I do.

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