Should my brand create videos for TikTok trends?

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I’ve been having some fun following and participating in TikTok trends. If I can do it and see some value in it, I thought some of you and maybe your companies would want to consider hopping on TikTok trends as well.

And trust me – I don’t dance or do anything wild like that, but there are still ways to integrate some TikTok trends into my own brand and involvement of livestreaming, content strategy, and even at times dad life. I also use my TikTok videos as Instagram Reels and sometimes as YouTube Shorts.


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I also see all kinds of professionals and businesses on TikTok that are sharing their own content, including:

  • Police departments and officers – to recruit and for public relations efforts
  • Car dealerships – fun top-of-mind marketing
  • Realtors – to share tips
  • Lawyers – also to share tips
  • Fitness trainers – I downloaded and now pay for my fitness app after seeing it on TikTok, by the way.
  • And so forth…

Chances are if you are marketing to consumers – and maybe even in some B2B situations – you can give TikTok a shot. Plus, you can reuse the content on other channels – like LinkedIn. Some employees might even enjoy the fresh opportunity of creativity needed to create these fun videos.

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What’s a TikTok trend?

TikTok trends are basically song or audio clips that are being used over and over and over by many accounts. Sometimes that’s in the form of dances to specific songs. This was one of the earliest ways people were using TikTok and they still do today. Everyone gives their own version of a specific dance or audio clip. But, if you are worried that you’ll have to dance – don’t. There are plenty of other TikTok trends that don’t include dancing. And even if others dance to a song, maybe there’s a better way to use that song for your brand.

For example, this red flag video I did is using an audio clip that many have used.


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My on-screen text and responses were then just framed toward content strategy.

  • On-screen text: Are you a content strategist? Audio: “Yea.”
  • Will anyone read this content? Audio: “I don’t know.”
  • Will we be on Page 1 of Google? “I don’t know.”
  • Is this content long enough? “I don’t know.”

I didn’t have to dance and simply used the audio that others are using and applied it to my topical area.

TikTok trends can also include filters and challenges. For example, this trend is a filter of me crying.


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How to create videos as part of a TikTok trend

First things first: You do need a TikTok account. Maybe for your brand and/or your personal brand. From there, just take some time here and there to scroll through the feed and see what videos show up over and over.

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Like any good content strategy, be crystal clear about what topics you want to cover. Once I made up my mind on content strategy and podcasting, I just keep that in the back of my mind when I scroll through my feed. Can I apply this trend to my area? Sometimes I get an idea right away and sometimes I may have to watch a few different versions of what others are doing.

And I don’t participate in every trend. Some trends may also include swearing or other content that you may not find suitable for your brand. But keep in mind, that overall, TikTok trends are usually very casual and all in good fun.

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The case for your own sound

Shez Mehra, CMO at, on the Business Storytelling Show, made the case that brands should also consider creating their own sounds to use on TikTok. That way, the unique sound to them can resonate with the audience.

Podcast audiograms as TikToks

I am now using Opus Clips to create short soundbites from my podcast. I did upload them as TikToks and as you can see by these metrics the numbers keep going up. So if you have a video podcast, this is another great repurposing strategy using them as TikToks. I usually just upload them on the desktop version of TikTok.

Where else to use TikTok videos

TikTok allows you to download the full video from the mobile app. Once it’s downloaded, you can upload it to other channels. I routinely put my TikToks on:

At times, I also put them on:

There’s probably also an opportunity to use them on livestreamed podcast episodes when topics align. For example, on an episode on how to podcast from home and avoid distractions I may show this TikTok-trend related video I recorded with my daughter.


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But, don’t overdo it. When you have a relevant TikTok that could work on a livestream, consider playing it at the beginning to get things going or somewhere within context before you ask a question of your guest.

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TikTok currently prohibits embedding of videos but you can embed Instagram Reels as I’ve done in this article. YouTube Shorts can also be embedded on websites.

Burger King used a TikTok trend as the basis of a TV commercial even, so there are other ideas for use as well.

Potential barriers for brands

Some processes just make things too difficult or more difficult than they need to be. That can happen here as well. Determine the process of how TikTok videos are created.

  • Who owns the process?
  • Does somebody need to approve the videos?
  • Where does this fit in the priorities?

TikTok videos need to be created in the app and if they need to be approved by somebody else, the creator likely would have to video screenshot them and send them on over to that person.

That process is a bit cumbersome, of course, which is why we need to decide what the process needs to be. After all, though, it’s probably good for a second set of eyes on a TikTok video that’s posted under a brand account.

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Don’t expect to go viral or get millions of videos of your newly created TikToks, but more and more audiences are hopping on TikTok, so it’s worth trying. Heck, I wasn’t in the original target demographic and I enjoy TikTok very much now – as a consumer and a creator.

TikTok can also give us another avenue to tell stories and it’s often in a much more casual way than has been done on other social media channels. From that perspective, even if we don’t reach a maximum result on TikTok, it can also help brands to potentially loosen up some and create more fun and perhaps more playful content.

That might not work for all brands. After all, all is a strong word, but at least consider it. Explore the app and see what’s being posted and consider if it might fit into your strategy.

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