How to livestream on TikTok

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Livestreaming has been a great way for me to connect differently with audiences so I’m always interested in seeing how to maximize livestreaming more. I was excited to see that I can livestream on TikTok.

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To this point, I haven’t done much on TikTok, but I’ve enjoyed creating some fun and at times high-performing Instagram Reels, which are basically just TikToks. And livestreaming opportunities are always worth exploring in my opinion.


How to start to livestream on TikTok

It appears that you have to be invited to livestream on TikTok. Your account needs to have at least 1,000 followers and I was notified of my invitation in my notifications.

livestream to TikTok

Clicking along got me here:

Livestream on TikTok invitation

To start to livestream on TikTok, build your account and your community. I assume – as is often the case – at some point TikTok will open this to more and maybe everyone?

Once you are in, it looks to me that you can livestream on TikTok in one of two ways:

  • From the mobile app

  • Through the new TikTok Live Studio for Windows

Livestream on TikTok through the app

This is probably the easiest way when you are already creating content from your phone. Click the plus sign in TikTok to create new content.

Then scroll over to LIVE, set your framing, etc., and click LIVE to start your broadcast.

Starting a livestream in TikTok ap

Livestream on TikTok Live Studio for Windows

TikTok rolled this out in December 2021. It’s a pretty basic studio app for Windows, which I downloaded. It appears that I might be able to add it to my multi-channel livestreaming strategy at some point. If I can add through RTMP to my Live Studio and I can stream to TikTok in addition to other social media channels.

TikTok studio

Unfortunately, for now, it appears the Live Studio on Windows isn’t working and can’t even be downloaded anymore.

The published download link is which as of Dec. 18, 2021, is just redirecting for me to On Chrome on my iPad I still got it to load, though, I can’t actually download the studio on the iPad.

tiktok livestreaming studio

Which way to livestream on TikTok is better?

I can see use cases for livestreaming from the app and from a computer. When I’m sitting in my studio (affiliate link), it’s much easier to use the computer. When I’m not it might be easier to use the app.

The app might also just be fine if you are only streaming to TikTok.

To multi-stream with platforms like, it appears you’ll have to use the desktop app. Even though I haven’t gotten it to work, yet, the app has an “import from another tool” setting. Maybe – I hope – this will allow me to add TikTok to the other channels where I livestream my podcast.

Either way, I’m planning on keeping an eye out on the app and this strategy and will try to integrate TikTok into my multi-channel strategy when the technology allows.

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