How to be more confident at work

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Stacey Danheiser, the Creator of The Confident Marketer Playbook, joins me on this podcast episode to discuss how you can be more confident to drive marketing results.

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We discuss how to be more confident at work and how to earn the trust of leaders.

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What does it mean to be confident at work?

Being confident means you speak up when it matters and do so in a manner and tone that shows your competence.

While there’s a fine line to being boisterous, also keep in mind that not everyone will appreciate confidence.

Those people might try to be little confidence as pushiness, bossiness, or some other negative attribute.

It’s okay to consider those feedback points but don’t let them lower or eliminate your actual confidence.

What is the right level of confidence at work?

There’s a fine line between confidence, collaborating with a point of view, cockiness and being just plain wrong.

At the end of the day, figuring out how to be confident at work includes a certain level of humility and interest in what’s currently going on.

Good questions include:

  • Why is that being done?
  • Tell me about that viewpoint.

Certainly, being confident in a meaningful way includes bringing your own thoughts and expert opinions to the table as well.

To do that, speak confidently, use confident words and understand your audience.

Don’t fake it until you make it, as Sabrina Horn says, but know your areas of expertise and highlight what you can bring to the table.

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