Simple Cable Management Ideas to Try

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Our workspaces and offices can be a mess. Cables are everywhere, but there are ways around that. I share some cable management ideas in this article with you, including the following:

What is cable management?

Cable management is needed when there are many cables on the floor, hanging off our desks, and tangled up nearby. It is a strategy to organize the mess, make it look better, and prevent accidents. If nothing else, cables are easily tripping hazards.

example of cable tripping hazard

When do we need it?

Cable management is needed when you have a lot of electronics that are plugged in. That could include your computer, a microphone, ring lights, computer monitors, etc. However, in years past, I, at times, just used my iPad and a keyboard on a standup desk. So in those minimalistic situations, cable management ideas aren’t as urgent as they are when you have a full office setup.

But the more equipment we add, the more likely we need to think about what to do with all these cables.

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Cable management ideas products for you

What you need depends on your setup, but here are some ideas to help you get started.

A desk with hidden cables

Some desks have hidden cables that streamline the process for you. So, if you are in the market for a new desk, this is worth exploring. Here’s one example:

desk with hidden outlets

Underdesk organizers

These are attached underneath your desk and allow you to tug cables away right there and close to where they are needed—these work when you have a handful of wires that need to be stowed away.


under desk organizer

Even higher-duty cable management

You can also use a network rack mount cable management system if you have even more cables.

Cable clips

You can also use cable clips to tug away individual cables.



It’s also possible to tie up cables, which wouldn’t move them out of view, but at least tidy up the areas.


Wrap-it storage clips

These clips hold each cord individually, which can be nice to keep things tidy and make it easier to move individual cords later.

wrap it storage for cables



Whether you are working at home or in the office, cable management is something you should think about. A tidier area where you work certainly is nice for your experience and for safety reasons.

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