Fix: Text messages not showing up on iPad

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Text messages not showing up on iPad? I’ve been there and it’s super annoying. Especially since I use the iPad way more throughout the day than my iPhone. I even have it sitting on a stand on my desk.

So how do you get text messages showing up on your iPad? Here are the steps.

Sign in with same Apple ID on iPhone and iPad.

Seems like a common sense step, but it needs to be said that both devices need to be signed in on the same account.

And in a perfect world that would do the trick. But of course it doesn’t. So take step 2…

Turn on text forwarding on iPhone 

Head to the settings on your iPhone, then “text message forwarding” and from there toggle on the devices.

Text message forwarding setting
Turning on devices for text messages Definitely worth setting up. It’s super annoying to not see text messages coming in. And since not everyone is using iPhones that’s still a thing.

So when text messages not showing on iPad, chances are that toggle switch is turned to off.

Try this iPad stand

iPad stand

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